Ljubodrag Simonović – Duci: Rise up, Worker! Save the Planet!

5. маја 2011. at 21:13 2 коментара

This is interview with Ljubodrag Simonović – Duci on TV Palma Plus broadcasted on 19.03.2011.

Rise up, Worker! Save the Planet!

Link to video on: http://www.youtube.com
You can download this video by folowing this instructions.

Capitalism became ecocidal and genocidal order which is destroying the life on the planet. Capitalist fanatics are the worst terrorists because they are destroying the life on the planet.

Duci also speaks about the Fukoshima nuclear disaster and the irresponsibility of Japanese capitalists, pollution on catastrophic scale, destruction of the environment and life in general, Mexican Gulf oil spill, war in Libya, nuclear waste dumps etc, and the last chance for the people to rise up and become real humane beings and fight against capitalism before the life on the planet is completely destroyed.

Destroy capitalism – save the planet!


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Љубодраг Симоновић: Трибина у Црвенки – Морамо се борити за опстанак, или ћемо нестати као народ Како капитализам ствара хулигане?

2 коментара

  • 1. FOXLA  |  16. фебруара 2012. у 01:39

    How may we purchase the book in the US? Please let me know, very interested in reading.

  • 2. Небојша  |  16. фебруара 2012. у 10:46


    Write to Mr. Ljubodrag Simonović’s Email address and he will tell You where You may purchase his books in US. Here is Mr. Ljobodrag Simonović’s private Email address:


    Also, You can call him on his phone number in Serbia:: + 381 011 289 36 69 and ask him where you may purchase his books in US.


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