Ljubodrag Simonović: Capitalism is ecocidal and genocidal totalitarian order

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Ljubodrag Simonović: Capitalism is ecocidal and genocidal totalitarian order

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In one of his latest interviews Duci speaks about the need for the environmental consciousness to become the landmark within the leftist movement since Marx’s critique of capitalism became completely surpassed, because capitalism became genocidal and ecocidal totalitarian order of destruction. Duci is also reflecting on global issues, demonstrations around the world, situation in Serbia, plans of global capitalism to decrease the worlds population by few billions through various means (pouting the earth, air, water etc) so that the resources are left to be exploited by the capitalist elites!


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Љубодраг Симоновић – Дуци: Космичка димензија човека Љубодраг Симоновић: Европска Унија

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    ,,Decades before the environmental movement emerged in the 1960s, Adorno condemned our destructive and self-destructive relationship to the natural world. Adorno on Nature presents the first detailed examination of the pivotal role of the idea of natural history in Adorno’s work.

    Adorno warns of the catastrophe that may result if we continue to treat nature as an object that exists exclusively for our own benefit. A comparison of Adorno’s concerns with those of key ecological theorists – social ecologist Murray Bookchin, ecofeminist Carolyn Merchant, and deep ecologist Arne Naess – reveals how Adorno speaks directly to many of today’s most pressing environmental issues. Ending with a discussion of the philosophical conundrum of unity in diversity, Adorno on Nature also explores how social solidarity can be promoted as a necessary means of confronting environmental problems.„


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