The European “Refugee Crisis“

9. децембра 2015. at 05:22

Ljubodrag Simonović
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                                 The European “Refugee Crisis“ 

           The ongoing events in the Arab world are just another episode in the global war waged by the West against Russia. The crisis of the Arab world results from the attempts by the ruling capitalist clans in the West to instrumentalize the Muslims in their conflict with Russia.

           The first move was the destruction of the Arab states that maintained friendly relations with Russia and had the power to oppose Western policy in the Arab world. The second move was the creation of radical Islamic military formations that would eventually be united under the command of the most powerful Islamic leaders. In that context, the Islamic state gained a leading position among the radical Islamic groups. Its first and foremost task is to eliminate all political forces in the Arab world that cooperate with Russia and penetrate the territory of the former Soviet republics with predominantly Muslim populations. Ultimately, the entire Middle Asia was to become a new Caliphate, which would, with economic aid and military assistance provided by the West, take the Caucasus away from Russia and turn millions of Russian Muslims living against their homeland. To turn Islamic Asia against Orthodox Russia is the primary strategic goal of the West.

           Thanks to Russia’s decisive opposition this aggressive Western policy was defeated in the Arab world, and the consequences of the aggression have spilled over into Europe. The “refugee crisis“ arose from the failed attempt by the West to turn the Arab world against Russia.

           Europe is a collaborator in the American policy to destroy the Arab states and peoples. The leading European politicians, guided as they were by the economic interests of the most powerful European companies, “failed” because they followed the American policy with docile enthusiasm, underestimating the danger of the crisis spilling over from the Arab space into Europe.

           The „refugee crisis” revealed the true nature of Europe. Europe was not ready for the “refugee crisis“ because it was confronted with issues that it could not solve. The “refugee crisis“ is the result of the anti-humane and destructive character of European capitalism. If Europe were based on solidarity, the refugee issue would have been solved long ago. However, Europe is not based on solidarity, but on the ruling principles of monopoly capitalism: “Destroy the competition!“ and “Big fish devour small fish!“. Concentration camps, barbed wire, police, army, attacks on refugees, arson, fascist hysteria … – this is the only response to the “refugee crisis“ that a capitalist Europe, with its ongoing colonial spirit, can offer.

           The “refugee crisis“ has brought to light the increasing existential crisis of the European peoples. A panic reaction to the coming of “Others“ indicates the dramatic biological demise of the European people. The spectacular screen of the “consumer society“ conceals the last act of the European existential crisis, with its fatal outcome. The “refugee crisis“ reveals that capitalism has brought the European peoples to the edge of the abyss.

           The “refugee crisis“ once again shows that human problems cannot be solved humanely in an inhumane society. It is only in a humane society that human problems can be solved in a humane way.

Translated from Serbian by Vesna Todorović (Petrović)

English translation supervisor Mick Collins

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„Избегличка криза“ у Европи Crisis de refugiados en Europa

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